Rellos Sandwiches

Production Maverix has got something delicious for you, hungry readers. I’m sure you’ve been looking for somewhere great to eat lunch, haven’t you? I’ve seen that leftover casserole you put in the fridge this morning (I’m everywhere, don’t you doubt me), and it’s sad, man. Real sad. You can do better than that.

Rello Sandwiches is exactly  the kick in the pants your day needs. It’s got the fresh, local ingredients you expect at an affordable price, all served to you with care by the owner/operator. It’s got to be the best place in Ottawa for sandwiches, and Production Maverix was on location to bring it to your screens (and to eat more than a few sandwiches).

When you see the care and attention that goes into every monument of meat and cheese, you’ll have a hard time even getting that newly gift wrapped piece of heaven out the door and back into the dark confines of your office before it’s gone. The old adage about seeing a sausage get made doesn’t apply here.


[youtube id=”YJQat50_OdA” width=”670″ height=”399″]